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Propeller Overhaul, and Repair Services in San Antonio, Texas

Jordan Propeller Service in San Antonio, Texas, offers propeller overhaul and repair services you can count on to keep your craft airworthy.

Propeller Overhaul
Our technicians recondition, repair, and replace worn components to bring your propeller back to airworthy condition. We overhaul all propellers including Hartzell®, McCauley®, Dowty®, and MT-Propellers®. The work includes dye penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, and eddy current inspection when required. We offer Cadmium plating and aluminum anodizing.

Propeller Service
We perform all required maintenance and service for your propellers. After we analyze your propeller, we can:

• Repair Leaks
• Static Balance
• Refinish Blades
• Drain and Flush Fluids

• Make Adjustments
• Troubleshooting

• Dynamic Balance
Aircraft - Propeller Overhaul and Repair Services in San Antonio, TX

Propeller Sales
Come to us when you need a new propeller. We are a factory-authorized dealer for Hartzell®, McCauley®, Dowty®, and MT-Propellers®. Custom or special orders are welcomed. We also carry an adequate supply of parts for the brands that we sell.

Propeller Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic balancing is available by appointment only. A preferred service after a major blade repair or overhaul to decrease the vibration and noise in the aircraft.

Contact us when you need professional propeller service you can rely on.